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  • Big Endians and Little Endians.

    First off, if anyone gets my allusion in the title, Kudos to you. Today, All its seems the news is showing is the fight between the Republicans and Democarts. I just going to say how sick in tired of how they fight and slander each other on how to run... More
  • Minimalist Animations

    Whooooooaaa this is *** cool and sweet! So basically what these are, are animations of video games redone to show extreme minimalism. Who doesn't love minimalism!? The street fighter one is the easiest to understand I feel. The other two, mainly Noby... More
  • Great! *** Animations for an unbeatable price!

    Alright so I just read via Kotaku that College Lacrosse 2010 has been released on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. For how much? Oh yeah 800, which is about $10 Alright after watching this...I don't even know where to begin. But before I destroy things... More
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free!!

    Toys R us is starting their week long sale of buy two games get one free. If you ask me thats a *** good deal! It doesn't seem to work with Pre-orders, but I could be wrong. There have been reports that it works with this list of games. Also this... More
  • Codemasters already working on Dragon Rising 2?

    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was just recently released, but it seems Codemasters isn’t wasting any time and could possible already be working on the sequel to Dragon Rising. At least that’s the impression executive produces Sion Lenton... More
  • Aion players reached level cap in 17 days?... No way!!!

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    To some people, an MMORPG means spending countless hours playing as you build your character up from a weakling attacking cute little innocent bunnies in the forest, to an Arnold Schwarzenegger clone taking on the gods themselves. But to others, sometime... More
  • Bayonetta PS3 not as good as 360 version

    It's a well known fact by now that the Sony is getting short end of the deal with Bayonetta. Firstly, the debut of it's version of the game was, to say the least, humiliating. Secondly, Platinum Games confirmed it was origionally only developing... More
  • Dragon Age: Origins might have similar save game carry-over option as Mass Affect

    While he didn't "exactly" confirm it, executive producer Mark Darrah, gave an answer in a recent interview with GameShark that suggests that the sequel to the much anticipated Dragon Age: Origins will have a similar save game carry-over... More
  • Eliza Dushku says WET could make for a good movie

    Eliza Dushku, who played Rubi in A2M's Wet, sat down with MTV News to talk about her role in the recently released game, and what she thought of Rubi. The actress went on to tease about the possibility of WET being a Live-Action movie in the near... More
  • Beta Testing League of Legends

    Alright my friend Kennan gave me a beta invite to League of Legends today. I was excited as anyone else would be if they got a beta invite to any game, even if its the new Hello Kitty game. After starting it up, and having it update and blah blah blah... More
  • The Codex Alera Series

    This a great series that i just found out about this summer and that i would suggest to anyone interested in Adult Fiction Fantasy Genre. The series is written by Jim Butcher, also the author of the Dresden Files, if anyone has heard of that. Codex Alera... More
  • Here, There, Everywhere, and Back Again

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    A Chronicling of My Many Ridiculous Travels Being the old man that I am, I figure it's time that I leave behind some sagely advice and tales of the various things I've experienced in and out of the state and on or around the road. What better... More