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  • Top 5 Forgot Gems

    There are games that are given lots of attention and there are those games that don't have an eye laid on them at all. I have seen lots of those kinds of games lately and I want to talk about it. I know there can be a lot of games to name for most... More
  • 31/31 Day 25-- I've Been Cheating

    I haven’t played Breath of the Wild in over 24 hours. I think I might be going through some sort of withdraw. I do however enjoy these little breaks. They’re important to anyone trying to keep up with an multi-billion dollar industry. Late... More
  • BotW: The New Standard For Open World Exploration

    There I was, scaling a larger than life pillar to get to the shrine at its peak. I clung to a portion of the wall with just a short distance left before reaching the top when the rain hit. I slid down a bit and was forced to halt my progress until things... More
  • Golf Clapping For Bulletstorm

    Bulletstorm is one of my favorite shooters that, sadly, suffered the not-give-a-*** downfall of Games For Windows Live that took a lot of games with its sinking ship. It was a charming game full of goofball humor, tense shooting, and creative ways to... More
  • A Brief Exchange With David Baggett, Co-creator of Crash Bandicoot


    I got a hold of co-creator Crash Bandicoot! See what he had to say here!

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 24-- Xbox One Does Have its Moments

    Early in this 31/31 I discussed why I not only have chosen the PS4 as my console of this generation, but see why so many others have as well. It’s the better offer. Microsoft and the Xbox One aren’t without some advantages. Since the horrendous... More
  • Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

    In the past few years there hasn't been a game that has piqued my interest more than Horizon Zero Dawn. It was the coolest game I saw during E3 2015 and I followed it closely after its reveal. After finishing the main campaign I thought I may as well... More
  • zombie's Tips for NieR: Automata

    Disclaimer #1 - The following is a statement of opinion, my opinion of course. My opinion is not your opinion and vice-versa. Though at times they may resemble, do not confuse them for one another. If you plan on commenting all that I ask is to be sure... More
  • Everything Blizzard Did Right with Orisa

    Oh, Overwatch. I thought I would never touch again. As soon as I saw that they were adding a new character in the game, I thought the worst for the character since Sombra was not a change in the game. I waited to see what he would be like and I was shocked... More
  • Broadchurch Series One- A Retrospective

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] By now I have no doubt that many of my closest friends and companions know I am a huge fan of British television shows and all things of similar status. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy television shows from every... More
  • 31/31 Day 23-- Five-ish Games I Want to Play for My Top 100

    Like yesterday, I’m here to talk about five-ish games I’m really hankering to play. All pre-2017, mind you. Some I’ve dabbled in, others have soaked up a fair amount of my life yet remain unfinished. Most importantly though, these are... More
  • Introducing My New Blog Series: The Incredibles

    As those of you who've seen them know, I compiled two sets of three lists last year. Two of those were of films and video games that I would give my highest honor, a 10/10 rating. There are fifty-three total entries so far, and there will likely be... More
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