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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice Clips Show What Happens When Heroes Meet Villains

Warner Bros. and Netherrealm are holding a virtual tournament for Injustice, the results of which are being decided by fans. Today, we see what happens when Bane and Batman tussle, along with a match between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

The clips below do a great job of showing off the game's destructible elements and environmental hazards. Sometimes it's falling down a pit. Other times, it's an old-fashioned Penguin impalement. Regardless, the matches are quick and brutal. When you're done soaking it all in, be sure to cast your vote on the next winners by visiting the game's official site.

Here's what happens when Batman and Bane decide to duke it out.

And there's clearly no love lost between Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

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  • Cool you guys got the chance to see the video

  • Cant wait!

  • @Game Informer: From what I can gather from the second video, Killer Croc is not a playable character (as your previous article confirmed). Doesn't look like Penguin or Ridler will be either, just environmental hazards.
  • "Get over here...I mean... GET DOWN HERE!!"
  • I love that those engineers just aren't even paying attention when Batman crashes into the video screen they're working on.
  • I like that it looks like bane's "signature power" is to pump more venom (note how he turns especially green around 0:32). I couldn't tell if it was always like this or not, but it almost looked like after the extra kicked in one of the venom tubes was hanging off his back. Maybe you get a set amount of extra boosts?

  • I love how Killer Croc and the other baddie's treat Harley Quinn when she visits.

  • What a rip- off
  • Batman ripped off Scorpion's line! On another note, why are so many of the villains Batman's? The only, non-Batman exclusive villains I can think of in this game so far are Deathstroke, Luthor and Solomon Grundy.

    I am happy with Killer Croc's inclusion, though.
  • I saw both of those wins coming...
  • Really surprised people picked Batman to win!
  • I was kinda hoping that Bane would win, but oh well.

  • Too many gimmicks with the background objects for my tastes.

  • Was it just me or does wonder woman look like a dude?
  • GI better remove Killer Croc from the fight roster.

  • Aw man I'm definitely excited to play this game.

  • This game is going to be awesome.

  • killer croc lol

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