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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Battle Focus Is Your Best Weapon

Now that E3 is over and the next-gen party has wound down just a bit, it's time to remember that there are still exciting games coming for the hardware we already own. One of those is 2K Games' The Bureau: XCOM Declassfied.

When we had hands-on time with it a few weeks ago, we noted that the combat felt inspired by Mass Effect. This is thanks to the title's "Battle Focus," which allows players to command agents on the field and queue up skills. All of this fits within a narrative of secrecy and desperation that provides a backdrop for the action.

In the trailer below, you'll get your first in-action look at how combat with familiar enemies like Sectoids and Mutons will play out. As you can see, smart use of your squad is the difference between life and death.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified arrives on August 20, 2013, for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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  • Not sure I like that cover...
  • Yet another game I have to get that comes out in August...I think that makes 5 now

  • I sure hope they really pull off the new gameplay mechanic for this game. Sounded very interesting, when I first read about it.

  • This seems to be turning out well. though I think it was a slight mistake to have dropped some certain aspects of the investigative side. it would added a new level of uniqueness(I'm aware it has the cover up/ conspiracy bits in this as one of it's features .) since it's a third person shooter now, it's the fact cause they admitted to being fans of mass effect and this looks alot like it in game play it's definitely needed. So people won't use that as as an excuse to write it off. Especially with what happened with Overstrike that be came Fuse which was lacking in alot and it being some what antiseptic Gears of war to some people. There are thing's that are just needed to help certain games be set apart from another now and days and give them selves their own unique personality . That's all I'm saying.

    Any way I hope it does well
  • reminds me of when fallout 3 first came out with the focus on the vats.  of course their were people complaining about just wanting to play a fps game, and those who just wanted to play a turn based action game, but they both shut up when the game came out.  i see that with this game.  with all the negativity that was aimed at this game; i see it as being just as successful as the other x-com game.

  • I'm glad to see the progress that this game is making. This is shaping up to be a good one. Its been on my radar, and this one might be a day one purchase. Excited, to say the least.

  • Thats a pretty cool cover, looks like an actual secret CIA file or something. Not sure if the game is gonna be any good seeing as how it just seems unecessary.
  • Guys in hat - always a good thing :)

  • Ehhh.... I used to really look forward to this game. The previous versions looked promising, but now... It looks like they kept trying to make a good action game, set in the XCom universe, but people simply wouldn't allow it. This "battle focus" thing seems like a compromise between the two. And not in a really good way, either.

    Instead of capturing the spirit of action games AND the thoughtfulness of strategy games, it instead seems like it's more strategy placed over action, which, on the whole, makes the whole affair seem tedious.

  • this game looks pretty slick. i'm glad i have it on preorder.

  • thats some disgusting box art
  • I was so excited for the first person shooter version when I first saw the trailer but now that I have seen this I am so disappointed that they went for a strategy approach they might as well just made an XCOM 2 I am now not buying this game
  • Going into this, I figured it would suck. After seeing the trailer, I think I'm gonna have to buy this. Enemy Unknown was awesome (I know some people didn't like it, but whatever) and this just looks like a third person version of that.

    I'll probably wait for reviews, just in case.

  • 1:08 Haha, you punch that alien
  • For me it looked better when it was a FPS.

  • I agree with killercountry. This game should have stayed an FPS. It looked a lot more fun then, and I was way more excited.

  • looks interesting, 'specially if you liked the original xcom. Imagine if you could drop into a fused tps/tatical turn game at the drop of a hat for the next xcom?

  • I don't like the cover, but I do love XCOM

  • Really liking the look of this gameplay. Will definitely be waiting expectantly for this one.

  • The gameplay demo I saw looked like a really cool fast paced tower defense set in xcom. Ye, all that.

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